June 5th - Read an interview from back in January with The Five Outsiders. more

May 25th, 2010 - Miscreant's The Cherry Orchard: A Game in Four Acts opens this Tuesday at the Gene Frankel Theatre. more

May 23, 2010 - A little interview with Jake about the "Smash & Grab" process. more

April, 2009 - We are now sponsored by Fractured Atlas and can offer a tax deduction if you make a donation to help us with our 2010 season. more

88 East 3rd St. Suite 8 • New York, NY 10003 • 212.479.0806

The Miscreant Theatre is a circle of fearless performing artists committed to creating Theatre that is fresh, raw and gritty.
Creating work aimed at assaulting sense, attacking antiquated thoughts and challenging dulled imaginations. Mounting productions
fusing all styles and genres allowing many avenues for discovery about the Human experience through the art of theatre. Risking
theatre that explores new hierarchies and modes of production during the creative process. We look to incite emotion and call upon
a new audience bored by the expected, hungry to exterminate the usual. All the while, making our productions
available to as large an audience as possible via affordable/free admission.